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AAA Plumbing’s “Menu” pricing system

We use a menu pricing system. The short explanation is this: Up front pricing. You get the price first. No surprises, just honesty, the way it should be.

We feel the longer explanation is very important and we are happy to share. This information may be of assistance to you when choosing a plumbing service company for your home or business.

AAA Plumbing makes every effort to provide consistent fair pricing for our services. One of the ways that we achieve our goal is with our “menu” pricing system. This system consists of:

  • a manual that has the ability to display virtually every plumbing repair
  • experience of more than 25 years in the plumbing industry
  • more than 1 million jobs completed

Each task has been carefully reviewed by us to provide you with the most accurate reasonable prices available.

Most companies in our industry have been slow to adopt this type of system, which is the most prevalent system used today in virtually every industry. Very rarely is the old “time and material” method used in this day and age. You experience “menu” style pricing every time you go to the doctor’s office, dentist office, restaurants, retail sales, auto mechanics, auto body shop, etc. And the reason is obvious, consistent fair pricing.

An example in the plumbing industry that demonstrates the advantage of “menu” pricing over “time and material” pricing can be shown by looking at a typical toilet replacement job.

  • The material used for each toilet replacement job is for the most part the same each and every time.
  • The variable is the labor that is used to perform the task. Not all technicians are equal as they are human. Some technicians are highly efficient, well trained, and organized, greatly reducing the time it takes to perform the task. Some have greater talents in some areas and not so much in others. Some have average efficiency and organizational skills and some are less than average due to lack of experience and/or training. The variables are great, and so are the charges when “time and material” pricing is used.

With “menu” pricing, the price is the same regardless of the time taken to perform the task. “Time and material” business owners are typically not motivated to train or even hire highly efficient technicians because when using “time and material” pricing, the efficient technicians generate far less billable time per service call. The mediocre or inexperienced technicians take more time to perform the similar tasks which generates far more billable time. The prevailing thought is that “time and material” pricing has been used for decades and “menu” pricing is too challenging to adopt, so why change now? When the details matter, call AAA Plumbing.

AAA Plumbing uses “menu” pricing, which ensures that our clients will receive consistent fair pricing for each task performed. Our technicians are paid by the standard “menu” pricing time that is allocated for each task. Along with our quality control methods and training, this motivates our technicians to improve their proficiency as this directly affects their pay and ability to perform for our clients.

The results are a more professional and caring technician, who generally takes less time to perform the tasks for our clients. This means less disruption and time is needed to take care of any plumbing problems. Another valuable benefit is we are able to offer options that are priced accurately. This way, when options apply, our clients may choose the repair or replacement option that is the best fit for them. Very often, a “time and material” technician will perform the repairs that they want to perform, which very often is not consistent with the client’s needs or wishes.